Once you have purchased a home my office will forward the offer documents to your lawyers office. You will meet with you lawyer before the move-in day. This meeting usually occurs a week or less before your possession date.

If you are getting a mortgage you will need to bring confirmation of home insurance when you meet with your lawyer (your mortgage company needs you to insure the property).

The lawyers office will tell you how much you need to pay for the rest of your downpayment and closing costs. Usually you will bring a bank draft with you to the meeting.

If you meet your lawyer a long time before the possession day they may not have the keys yet so you might need to pick them up on possession day.

When you get the keys it is important that you only go onto the property at the time of possession (this is on the offer and the email I sent you with your offer docs).

 Here is a list of lawyers that my clients have enjoyed working with:

David Wood   (has good parking, just south of St. Vital Mall, smart, efficient and reliable)

Robertson Shypit Soble Wood

20-1555 St Mary's Rd

Phone: 204-257-6061 (office) 

Phone: 204-257-9320 (direct) 


Robert Tyler  (downtown, knowledgeable)

Aikins Law

30th Floor- 360 Main Street

Phone: 204-957-4630 (direct)  


Donald George  (Kenaston & Grant, patient and accommodating)

330-530 Kenaston Blvd

Phone: 204-953-2530 (direct)


Nathan L. Weltman (downtown, personalized service)

700-330 St. Mary Ave

Phone: 204-957-6415 (direct)