Offer Pricing

Seller motivation (how quickly or badly they need to sell) is such a deciding factor with the final purchase price of homes. An unmotivated seller may not be convinced with market comparables to take a lower price and a motivated seller may not have the luxury of time to focus on the same comparables (ie. even if the market trend says a house should sell for more if a seller is motivated, "has to sell", they may not be able to wait for a higher price).

We will determine the price you feel comfortable paying for the house based on:

  • market trends, what are similar houses selling for in today’s market

  • other houses we’ve seen, how does this one measure up?

  • what a different house that fits your needs might cost

  • how much you feel is right for you to pay for this house

    • a good exercise I use is to ask you to think about how you would feel if I phone you and said the house had already sold. Would you be disappointed? Would it not really matter? What if I said it sold for $10,000 less than the asking price… would you wish you had bought it then? How about $10,000 over the asking price….?

    • Keep going father down and farther up to see at what point the house would be a good price and what point it would be too high for you. Then you know where your comfort level is, and if it does sell for a different price you won’t be disappointed.